Tangerine Creamy Pie, by Victoria from Baby Prints

This is my Nana’s recipe for Tangerine Creamy Pie. It’s a wonderful treat and takes me back to the heady days of my youth in the 80’s when Nana would make this, her Dutch apple pie and her banana loaf for every family gathering and special occasion. This was my absolute favourite and I always sneaked back for more! Nana was a wonderful baker, an amazing host, she was kind and generous, funny and unique, my inspiration and an absolute Queen.


6oz digestive biscuits
3oz melted butter
1/2 pack orange jelly
sml tin of evap milk
sml tin of mandarin oranges

Crush biscuits into crumbs. Add melted butter and bind together with a fork. Line a sandwich tin with mixture and leave in a cool place til firm.
Dissolve jelly and make up to 1/4pt with juice from drained fruit. Whip evap milk until double in bulk. Whisk in jelly and chopped mandarin oranges. Pour onto biscuit base and leave to set in the fridge.
Serve and enjoy.