Cheltenham Maman is podcasting and supporting RECIPES TO REMEMBER.

Podcast No.5


Meet Kate

It’s an unusual one and the very last in her part collaboration with Recipes to Remember. As well as interviewing us, Cheltenham Maman Kate Starkey also gave her own recipe and and our lovely co-creator of our cookbook Kelly James turns the table on her and asks Kate all about her recipe and the memories behind it.


Podcast No.4


Dr Dawn Harper

Talking to the wonderful Stroud based media personality and local GP, Dr Dawn Harper. In this episode Kate chats about all of the incredible projects that Dawn feels so lucky to be involved with, her contribution to the cookbook, smoked mackerel paté and the memories of Pembrokeshire family holidays that this recipe evokes. Then she tells about her experience of Maggie’s Cancer Care charities as a support to her as a clinician and of course to her patients and why it’s so important that we all buy the book and support this incredible cause.


Podcast No.3


Kate Pennel & Kate Starkey

Cheltenham Maman Kate’s interview for our third podcast is with Kate Pennell, private chef all over the Cotswolds and one time personal chef to Prince Charles.

In this podcast they have a lovely chat over a coffee about Kate’s relationship with cooking, and why creme brûlée was the recipe she didn’t hesitate to contribute to our cookbook when asked and more. You can follow Kate on Instagram and find out more about her at her website. And yes… we adored this recipe and loved sharing them after our photoshoot (they are Tasha’s husband Mark’s favourite pud ever)

Thank to both of the Kate’s for supporting us – please take a listen and if you would like to help others you can buy a cookbook and support Maggie’s too!


Podcast No.2

Thank you Emma Campbell and husband Dave for sharing their story with the wonderful Kate Cheltenham Maman for our second podcast.

Emma’s inspiring memoir ‘All That Followed- A story of cancer, kids and the fear of leaving too soon’ was published in August 2018. She is currently going through cancer treatment for the third time and is ‘living like it’s not there’. Emma & Dave have kindly shared their story on the podcast and her special recipe ‘Amber’s Vanilla Buttermilk Cake’ is in Recipes to Remember. You can follow Emma on Instagram and also her wonderful (and recently sober if you’re looking for some inspiration to get on the wagon) husband Dave too.

We are so lucky to have amazing support – please take a listen and if you would like to help others you can buy a cookbook and support Maggie’s too!


Our first podcast –

Huge thanks to Kate Starkey, Cheltenham Maman who has been talking trifle and speaking to two great women with two incredible recipes and two memories that relate to their childhoods and special moments in their childhood. Speaking to Carey White first, an Oxfordshire based foodie, Carey plonks plastic lego characters into some of the finest dishes in the land and writes about them over on her website mylegoman.com, but she has been the most amazing supporter of Maggie’s Cookbook. Carey’s trifle is a tribute to her mother who created the dish for Saturday night dinner parties, leaving the leftovers for Carey and her brother to devour on a Sunday morning. You can follow mylegoman on Instagram or on Twitter. 

Then she speaks to mum of two and shopkeeper at online lifestyle store Violet and Percy, Flora Mountford. Flora is also an amazing supporter of our project and is a stockist of our lovely cookbook too! Flora grew up as one of four siblings in a busy cottage in Devon and she recalls escaping on her own for some one on one time with her dear grandmother, who made a seriously boozy trifle that Flora has loved recreating over the years. You can also follow Flora on Instagram and Twitter.

Here’s the link to the listen in… http://cheltenhammaman.co.uk/episode-31-battle-of-the-trifle-with-maggies-cookbook-recipes-to-remember/