My Mum’s Christmas Pickled Onions, by Mark Willmore

These onions are my fondest memory as a child growing up, we would open the jar and eat them with bread and cheese for Sunday supper. Every year my mum makes me two big jars for Christmas – and they are the best! I only share them with special people… Thanks mum for the recipe!

Shallots or Pickling Onions
Picked Pickling Vinegar

At the end of September, get some pickling onions or shallots (whichever look best).

Take the skins off them, then get a large (old) bowl – and layer them in the bowl on top of each other.

With each layer you has a SPRINKLE of salt. Layer after layer.

Leave them overnight and they create a brine.

Drain the onions , and set aside the brine.

Place the onions into sterilised jars (big ones!)  (put the jars in the oven to sterilise or put them over the steam of the kettle (my mums way).

Mix 1 pint of spiced vinegar with a drizzle of the brine. Then use this to fill the jars. Repeat until the jar is full.

Seal top and put in a dark cupboard until Christmas.