Maggie’s ‘Recipes to Remember’ Guide – Top Tips

Some questions to help you describe your memory and the food or recipe you associate with it…


This isn’t a essay – it’s a story. Tell it as if you were relating it informally to a friend and don’t be afraid to add in some colourful details or digressions (within reason!) to keep your friend interested. Aim for around 200 words for the main story but don’t worry if you exceed this target. The recipe section (ingredients and method) can be as long as necessary.


When did your memorable experience occur? Did it happen on a specific date or perhaps at a particular stage in your life? How old (or young!) were you? Childhood memories can be especially strong, but your memory may have been formed more recently.


Is your memory linked to a particular building or environment? Can you describe why this place made an impression on you? A few details can help people to visualise your story and find similarities in their own experience.


What were the circumstances surrounding your memory. Was it a happy and relaxed family time? Maybe it was a challenging or uncertain time? Describing the context will make your memory more vivid for readers.


The most powerful fond memories are often linked to people – family, loved ones, friends. But animals often make quite an impact on our lives too. Who features in your memory and why are they special?


We need to know exactly how your chosen recipe/food is linked to your memory.

Was it prepared or obtained by someone you were close to? Or was it something you simply came across by chance? Be as descriptive as you can about its appearance, taste and aroma.

Please be as precise as you can if you’re sending us a recipe – splitting it into ingredients and method. The pleasure is in the detail and if there’s a ‘secret’ ingredient in your auntie’s walnut cake we want to know about it!

If you’re submitting a favourite memory-related food that doesn’t need a recipe (an exotic fruit perhaps or a ready-made item like an ice cream sundae or pizza), then just be as descriptive as you can about its source and its sensory qualities.

Thank you! And do get in touch if you have any questions about the project.

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