Great Grandmas Pork Belly Tray Bake, by Belinda Powell

Great Grandmas Pork Belly Tray Bake

My mum used to make this regularly for a mid week tea. Back then (in the 60’s) we were (still are) a family of proper pork lovers. The type of pork that has some fat on it, tasty, crunchy, mouth watery …….
I’ve made it many hundreds of times for family teas for my husband and 2 sons. Still make it regularly today, only two of us at home now.

Thinking about submitting a recipe for Maggie’s I asked my boys for their favourite dinners when they were growing up. My phone binged, binged and binged again during the evening. Great to know that they loved their dinners. However, they both were very definite on what was at the bottom of the list -Celeriac Dauphinois – also had a marmite theme “I hate it, I hate it”.

But the recipe rolls on as both of my sons voted this as a firm favourite ‘recipe to remember’. They both still make it and have babies of their own who I am sure will be enjoying the delights of Great Grandmas greatest as well, as soon as they can chew big bits!!

Serves 2 (should be 4 but it’s too lovely to share)

Pack of pork belly slices (about 6). Even better if you can get rind on belly slices
Packet of stuffing mix (any type, lots of lovely flavoured ones around)
I egg
Splash of good oil (olive or rapeseed)


Lightly oil the base of an oven proof dish
Cut belly slices into approx 3cms cubes
Crack egg into a dish and mix with a fork, season
Put stuffing mix into another dish or onto a plate
Roll pork cubes in egg and then in the stuffing, ensuring fully coated
Place pork cubes in the oiled dish rind side up where possible
Put in hot oven (180 fan), for 30 to 40 mins till cooked, crispy and gorgeous.

Serve with a buttery baked potato and peas.