Fish Finger Sandwich, by David Orme from The Find

It all started in 1970 in Solihull! Aged 5 and recently started school, I used to go home every Wednesday with my best friend, Richard Morris (who I haven’t seen in 45 years now!). One week at my house, another week at his, but otherwise the same routine. Lunch in front of the TV (Mr Benn, and Mungo, Mary and Midge I seem to recall), and fish fingers! Always fish-fingers. In those days it was typically a fish finger hedgehog – a pile of mashed potatoes with fish fingers stuck in to create a hedgehog. It didn’t come that way but that’s how it always ended up. I still do that even now at home, and my daughters look at me with that “how old are you?” look! Fish fingers are so easy to cook that if I get in late, I often think that’s what I’ll have. Even when there are other delicacies in the fridge already! It is my ultimate comfort food. The food that makes me feel happy and floods be with happy memories.

So when I started The Find, there was never any question that there would be a fish finger sandwich on the menu. Obviously we couldn’t use Birds Eye (although I confess to still eating these at home sometimes!) so we have created our own fish fingers, made from fresh fish delivered daily and homemade breadcrumbs. Served in wonderful freshly baked bread from the super talented Dom Salter at Salt Bakehouse near Stroud. My personal favourite is with malted brown but it’s tastes great with any of our breads. And to top it all, our own homemade tartar sauce!

I have grown up a little though in the past 48 years – I quite like it with an accompanying salad – something like tomato and rocket with a balsamic and oil dressing!